Hello! : ) I'm Sevak Nazarian. I'm an Iranian-born Armenian. My family, and I moved to Los Angeles when I was 14. I've also lived in Vienna for four months prior to moving to LA. It was around the age of 5 that I received my first camera. I became fascinated with the act of communicating through photos, "immortalizing" moments in time, expressing creative freedom, and so on. Even though I've been photographing almost all my life, relatively recently, I've also begun taking photography classes to further develop my skills. Furthermore, I have studied marketing at CSUN.
I'm looking forward to creating more art with you.

E-mail: sevak@photonchronicles.com
P.S.  Feel free to use the form below to submit your inquiries.  Thank you!
Thank you!
"Light particles travel at a constant speed -in a vacuum. Often times, when they get reflected by a surface they reveal a story. It's imperative to capture these stories; especially as humans. After all, we do rely -heavily- on narration to do a significant amount of our communication." -Sevak N.
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